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Attend a Concert & Meet Janoskians

29 Jul

So lucky! They didnt come to South Africa on their tour 😦



29 Jul

Janoskians News

29 Jul

MY IDOLS AT VVMAs #EveryJanoskianatorDream

The Janoskians

The JanoskiansJulys news for the janoskians; They have finished there tour and realised there ‘best friends’ music video. They made a Janoskians Question and Answer #4 and a ‘milk and red bull challenge’ and Jai and Luke have made a new channel called ‘Twin talk time’ which they plan to make a video on when jai gets back from America.

Junes new for the Janoskians; They attended the mmvas in Canada and met some celebrities such as Jedward and Ed Sheeran and they awarded an award to Avril Lavigne. They have now completed doing their world tour in America and New Zealand and back in Australia and to do the rest of ‘#notaboybandtour’ They also have a series on awesomeness TV were they show things from there to.

End of Mays news for the Janoskians; They have completed the dates for europe  half of their ‘Not a boy band’ tour and…

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Beau Brooks’ Twitter Header

29 Jul


Rhiandoll Designs

So a few people requested Beau Brookes from The Janoskians. So here’s a twitter header. I hope I did it justice and you guys like it! Picture credit to Beau’s Instagram (IG). If anyone has any requests, feel free to tweet me! (@Rhiandoll)

Fierce love oxox

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Were you one of the lucky ones? :)

29 Jul

#Jariana <3

29 Jul